Wednesday, October 18, 2006


What a beauty in the lounge, £4, charity shop.

Got that flyer uploaded i did for a recent bride show:

i just finished my first project of my second term. learnt to bind books properly, and had to typographicly illustrate a poem of my chice. Here are a few pics init:

In my next project i want to do some screen printing, hope i can pull it off!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


House is sorted and everyone has moved in ready for enrolling again tommrow. Freshers week has been awsome, had the one night off, but apart from that its been about the booze, golden eye on the N64 and of cause, not forgetting Pro evo:

Its just another night in Norwich:

On a better note, finished my summer project. Im going to attempt to print her tommrow on some nice A1 stock, boom:

Thats all really, got another flyer done for Bride ( but it wouldnt upload, so just check their myspace and no doubt it will be there soon. Remember stay classy, PLANET EARTH: