Monday, May 07, 2007

new stuff

This is my latest project, a suppliment for creative review:

Some spreads from an annual report i re-designed:

These were some postcards i did for a bloke that writes aphorisms, it was a live breif to oresent to him ideas of alternative was to publish his stuff:


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

what i've been doing

ill do a real update soon

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Long time....

no update.

Christmas was good in Norwich,

and goood in Luton.

Got quite a bit of work done recently, a double sided poster about typographic detail (this is one side):

Re-designed some book covers/ identity for a series of books, this one "A rough guide to horror movies", working with subtle imagery and literal type:

Here was an instore poster for the Sci Fi version of the same series:

Ive also designed a book about Kate Moss called "cocaine kate" with embosed areas with textured cocaine areas! At the moment im working on an interactive DVD about Wales, nice.

Also just finished some flyers for Amy's new club night in London (,



boom, hopefully more updates when i get some work done after assessment.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


What a beauty in the lounge, £4, charity shop.

Got that flyer uploaded i did for a recent bride show:

i just finished my first project of my second term. learnt to bind books properly, and had to typographicly illustrate a poem of my chice. Here are a few pics init:

In my next project i want to do some screen printing, hope i can pull it off!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


House is sorted and everyone has moved in ready for enrolling again tommrow. Freshers week has been awsome, had the one night off, but apart from that its been about the booze, golden eye on the N64 and of cause, not forgetting Pro evo:

Its just another night in Norwich:

On a better note, finished my summer project. Im going to attempt to print her tommrow on some nice A1 stock, boom:

Thats all really, got another flyer done for Bride ( but it wouldnt upload, so just check their myspace and no doubt it will be there soon. Remember stay classy, PLANET EARTH:

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Summer has been good, met loads of new people and caught up properly with all the old ones. As ive just started this blog it would be mad to post all the pics up, so im going to do my first post on some of the design stuff ive been getting stuck into.

But off the top of my head some of the highlighs have been Reading Festival, First Blood at the Underworld (one of the hottest shows ive ever been to), Clone The Fragile at the Dome was awsome too, espically after 9 hours of Perfume Shop graft. Also you cant forget The Edge, had some fucking sterling nights in that place as always, and most of the songs that have been the soundtrack to my summer have been thanks to John and his DJ skills.

Anyway, i have been drawing out some flyers for some friends which has been quite cool, have a butchers.

This is the first Bride flyer i did. Just a drawn out one, i like the composition.

This is the second one i did for them. Really like the character in this one and thought id add a bit of "real" type. Tea stained and burnt paper background too.

This little beauty was for me mate Natys birthday, and what a fucking night. I can safely say the next photo documents the night perfectly.

Ya gets me.

The last one ive done is for my chum Louise, for a nice mixed bill show coming up in Luton. Ill pop some photos of the show up, should be a good one, and a nice way to end the summer, hopefully with loads of chums.

I dont really know why i started a blog, i just want to pop some of my work up on it really, and also beings as im back off to Norwich in a week or two, all my distant chums and chumettes can see what im up to, if anyone is really bothered!